Any movie that desperately attempts to ride on the back of the success of Twilight is in grave danger of being completely ridiculous. Whether the fault lies with John Singelton’s sloppy directing or Taylor Lautner’s poor acting, Abduction, sure to score a few Razzies, is an unambiguous illogical train wreck. It’s probably one of the best comedies I have seen all year. Unfortunately, it’s filed under the action/thriller genre.

DIRECTOR: John Singleton

CAST: Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins and Alfred Molina

GENRE: Action Thriller


When I first heard about Abduction I was certain the film involved aliens or some science fiction plot. It doesn’t.

A spoilt teenager, Nathan (Lautner), and his neighbour, Karen, discover a website that hosts photos of abducted children. They randomly, yes randomly, decide to age one of the photos and, much to their amazement, discover that Nathan is one the children on the site. They decide to contact the person who posted the photo and soon a gang of mobsters and the CIA are after him.

Shame on you John Singleton, shame on you! Any director who goes from Boyz n The Hood to a movie like Abduction is in desperate need of a wakeup call. Abduction is everything that Boyz n the Hood is not. It’s predictable, poorly acted and bland. A huge pay cheque is no excuse to take on a project that envelops this magnitude of “crappiness”.

Shame on you Taylor Lautner, shame on you! Good looks and huge biceps can only get you so far in Hollywood. “The dude is so wooden it’s like watching Pinocchio with abs,” said one critic regarding Lautner’s one dimensional performance. His attempt to show versatility outside of Twilight is completely ruined by yet another role that has him shirtless only five minutes into the movie.

Sadly Abduction is made for the sole purpose of cashing in on Lautner’s popularity with teenage girls. Everyone that doesn’t fall into this demographic will have a hard time keeping their eyes open through the, what seems endless, stretch of 106 minutes.

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