Age Restriction:
Studio: Boss Media
Running Time: 97mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

10 Years, as the title suggests, is about a 10-year high school reunion which re-unites old friends and leads to several, inevitable awkward moments between old classmates. The premise is flimsy and the result is not much stronger. Despite its weak story and utter lack of a discernible plot, the film boasts a decent cast with familiar names and faces such as Channing Tatum, Anthony Mackie and Justin Long. Tatum, as Jake, does not disappoint and although this is a role which does not allow him to flex either his muscles or his acting chops, he still proves that he is a promising actor that we should keep our eye on. Jenna Dewan-Tatum plays Jake’s girlfriend and she is a breath of fresh air and warm energy in a film which is often a bit slow and stale.

10-years movie review

There are many cute moments and it is relatable at times, particularly because it portrays the characters and their situations in an honest and unglamourised way; but it fails to be either entertaining or profound and although all the characters are likable enough, you won’t become too absorbed in them as what they end up revealing about themselves and their lives proves fairly obvious anyway. The few attempts at comedy are too forced, coming mostly in the shape of the former high-school bully who tries to apologise for his behaviour ten years ago with results which are at first cringeworthy and then just annoying.


The karaoke scene has been done a thousand times before, but the very nature of this oft-embarrassing act is always laden with potential and makes for one of the film’s better scenes. The soundtrack, in general, has some highlights, including Fatboy Slim’s Praise You and the song Never Had, sung by Oscar Isaac in the film as his character Reeves. However, not even the heart-warming moments can flesh out this film, which boasts a collection of diverse and realistically-drawn characters who don’t get to go anywhere, except the past.

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