How Does Movavi Video Editor Rate Against Its Competitors

Movavi Video Editor is an amazing app which is replete with professional features, including a PC capturing tool, video editing tools, online sharing tools, playback tools and several other tools. While it has always been believed that in order to edit video one needs patience, practice and an artistic eye, with the help of this app, even a novice can edit videos. With this video editor, amateur filmmakers are able to make the most extraordinary and exceptional videos for their friends and families in just 30 minutes. Read on to know more about Movavi Video Editor.

How Does Movavi Video Editor Rate Against Its Competitors

A look into the features

Movavi Video Editor is one of the best video editing software packages available because it is easy to use and learn. With its simple but useful features and tools, your videos can easily be delightful and entertaining, which will please a wide range of users. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Do you have too many videos from your last shoot? The Montage Wizard can automatically build a video for you in minutes.
  • The app is available for Windows, iOS, Mac and Android. Which means that you can edit on the go.
  • You are able to upscale the videos and also transform them into something professional.
  • You can create movies utilising different special effects and filters. You can also improve the qualities of your videos and adjust their colours, fix vertically shot videos and improve shaky footage.
  • Edit video clips, audio and images on a single timeline.
  • Export videos in different formats.
  • Special effects like Chroma key can be used, which is great for green screen work.
  • The app can be used to enhance the sound with the help of Normalizer, Equalizer and Noise Removing tools.

How Does Movavi Video Editor Rate Against Its Competitors

Things you should know on Movavi Video Editor

With a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars on a majority of the review platforms across the net, Movavi Video Editor promises to do what its competitors can’t.

  1. User-friendly interface

Movavi contains all the core features of a video editor. Once you import the video or photo file (in any popular format) which you want to edit, you can start editing with just a single click. You can even create and edit a lengthy 1-hour video within just a few minutes. It also allows you to move sections around, remove unwanted fragments, add creative titles and slick transitions, apply filters, and upload music beds.

  1. High speed with best quality editing

Movavi Video Editor is touted to be one of the quickest video editors available and, for the high speed that it offers, it doesn’t compromise on its quality. It also produces the best quality editing options, like video stabilization and detection of beats with built-in media. What’s more, the software allows you to save your movie for viewing on your PC, smartphone, or even 4K TV. If that isn’t enough, it even allows you to upload the video directly to Youtube within the program.

  1. Movavi Editor Plus

For those with slightly more advanced skills, they even offer more features with Movavi Video Editor Plus. Although it costs slightly more, with Plus, you get added features like sample videos, keyframe animations, more inbuilt music, stickers and support for the H.265 format.

Features and built-in contentVideo Editor 14Video Editor 14 Plus
Basic video editing toolsYesYes
Filters, transitions, titles, effectsYesYes
Montage WizardYesYes
Keyframe animation of titles, overlay video, etc.YesYes
New sample videoNo16
New built-in music1022


If you’re looking for a great video editor, Movavi should be right up your alley.

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