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While gamers, comic book readers, movie enthusiasts, and the general geek population may have certain common factors amongst their individual groups, or even across the different categories, there’s not many more common denominators as is their love for coffee. From the enthusiast and barrister to the novice and casual drinker, each enjoys their coffee in a unique way, according to their own tastes, moods, and even time of day.

The More Flavour Company was started in 2012, initially distributing AeroPress products and coffee across South Africa. The company has grown into more than just a supplier of all things coffee over the years, and offer professional know-how to the coffee world with consulting services including the following:

  • Coffee blending and roast selection
  • Cafe economics (coffee business case development)
  • Independent cafe equipment matching and sourcing
  • Training and development
  • Office coffee solutions
  • Cafe coffee solutions

More Flavour has provided Fortress of Solitude with three products to review, for which you can find the review for each below:

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