Meet The Monarch In The New 'Titanfall 2' Update Trailer

Developer Respawn has released a new trailer for their upcoming Titanfall 2 update that features the games new Monarch Titan.

Meet The Monarch In Titanfall 2's New Update Trailer

The Titanfall 2 update trailer focuses on the new Monarch Titan and its various abilities. The new Titan’s main ability, which sets it apart from other Titans, is that it can select its various upgrades, which seems to be allocated to three tiers. In order to do this, the Titan needs to stay in one piece long enough to be able to select these various upgrades. The update also adds the map Relic which was first seen in the original Titanfall game. Along with the new map, players will also get access to new Prime Titan designs for the Ronin and Tone Titans, as well as new nose art and call signs.

It’s great to see Respawn continuing to support the game and build upon its already great mechanics.

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