Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will not have a live multiplayer mode, instead, it will have an asynchronous feature called Social Play.

This feature will give the player the opportunity to create their own content in the game’s single player world. In a preview session with IGN, DICE explained that the Social Play feature would have two functions named Beat L.E and Time Trails. Beat L.E will enable players to simply mark elements in the world and then sent them to their friends, these markers can be used to highlight easter eggs as well as shortcuts. Time Trails are basically what the name implies, it will allow players to create checkpointed courses almost anywhere in the world. The starting points for these courses can be sent to friends , with leaderboards being set up for each course.

The online leaderboards will also function in Dash events, found in the game’s single player mode. These are developer created races that that task players with finding the quickest way from point A to B instead of following the normal checkpoints.
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will launch on the 24th of May.

Below is a trailer that gives more information on the Social Play feature.

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