Miles Morales Is Finally Getting His Own Spider-Man Animated Movie

Marvel’s other Spider-Man, who isn’t Peter Parker, is finally swinging his way off the page and onto the screen. Sony Pictures Animation have confirmed that Miles Morales will be at the center of the studio’s upcoming Spider-Man animated movie.

As you may know, the half-black half-Latino hero was created for the Ultimate Marvel universe after writer Brian Michael Bendis was inspired by Donald Glover’s campaign to take on the role in The Amazing Spider-Man. After Peter Parker was killed off in the 2011 Spider-Man comics, Miles, a young man who had recently suffered a similar “bitten by an enhanced spider” accident, became Spider-Man to honor the fallen hero.

Donald Glover has voiced Miles on television for Ultimate Spider-Man before, but casting for the new movie has not yet been announced. Written by The Lego Movie’s Phil Lord, the yet to be titled animated film is scheduled for release on Dec. 21, 2018.

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