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If you’re a gamer of the early 90s, you would have mostly likely run into the classic game, Mega Man (initially released in 1987). Co-creator of the legendary game, Keiji Inafune, recently left Capcom and started his own game developing company. Inafune took to PAX, which took place in Seattle over this past weekend, to unveil his latest venture, Mighty No. 9, a game concept that was apparently turned down by the Capcom bosses.

Mighty No. 9-Kickstarter Campaign - Gameplay

The leading character, Robot boy, bares a close resemblance to that of Mega Man, which may not go down well with purist fans. Fans on a larger scale, however, will welcome this spiritual successor to the franchise, by providing a modern take on the classic game we all wanted to see. Inafune has turned to Kickstarter in an attempt to call on fans to back the concept. The campaign was launched on 31st August 2013, and ends on 1st October 2013, in 12 days’ time. As it stands, the game has well exceeded the envisioned goal of $900,000, with a total of $2.3m pledged to date. Thanks to the overwhelming backer success, the team has created a separate sub-campaign, which unlocks different levels of development the higher the goal reached. These included ports to MAC and Linux, additional levels, behind-the-scenes documentary, and PS3/Xbox/Wii U ports, all of which have already been met.

Mighty No. 9-Kickstarter Campaign - Robot Boy

The game will be launched via Steam for PC for the initial launch, and expand from there. If you’re willing to add your name as a backer for this project, head on over to the official Kickstarter campaign page to pledge.

Mighty No. 9-Kickstarter Campaign - Stretch

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