Black Manta

With the announcement that Aquaman would be facing off against Black Manta in his upcoming solo film actor Micheal K. Williams has expressed his interest in portraying the Aquaman villain.

Micheal K
Williams communicated his interest in the Black Manta role on Twitter. He posted his reply after a fan tweeted out to the actor mentioning that they would love to see him play the part of the DC Villian. Micheal K. Williams then responded with a tweet indicating his interest in portraying the character.

Williams has wanted a role in a comic book film for quite a while and was even interested in joining the MCU as Black Panther before actor Chadwick Boseman was offered the part. The DC villain  has been a thorn in Aquaman’s side for several years and has continuously tried to conquer Atlantis. Do you think that Williams will make a good Black Manta or would you rather prefer another actor taking on the role?


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