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Possible First Look at Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles

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A few days ago, TMNT fans were surprised at what may appear to be the first look at the Turtles from the upcoming Michael Bay reboot, which hits theatres on the revised date of 8th August 2014. The first glance came in the form of promotional art, which has been subsequently been requested to be taken down from the producing studios. New images, however, have been doing the rounds of figurines, which appeared at an unnamed toy convention. The Turtles are seen sporting a different overall look with more aggression.

Below is a poster for the figurines attached to the film.

Possible First Look at Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles-01

The below images features some promotional art as well as the figurines themselves.

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  1. Byron Hendricks

    Is there a mixed feelings option, I just hope Neca picks up on the figures as those toys look rather questionable at the moment!

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