Mel Gibson Might Be Interested In Iron Man 4

Mel Gibson Might Be Interested In Iron Man 4

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While Mel Gibson has had many negative things to say about comic book movies, it seems the director might be interested in Iron Man 4 after all.

A while ago (October of 2014), Robert Downey Jr. teased the possibility of doing Iron Man 4 if his good pal Gibson directed. Gibson subsequently stated that he’d be open to the idea. Gibson followed up the request with a simple: “of course” – that he would “of course” consider it and also said Iron Man 4 with Robert Downey Jr. would be “bananas.”

Mel Gibson Might Be Interested In Iron Man 4

Well, in an interview with Total Film, the Hacksaw Ridge director has again suggested that he’d be interested in tackling the Armored Avenger. “It might be fun,” Mel Gibson told TF about Iron Man 4, with the article noting Gibson merely shrugged at the idea. “You’d have to figure out a way to be different with that.”

Mel Gibson also recently offered his take on the Marvel movies:

“To talk about the violence question, look at any Marvel movie,” Gibson told The Washington Post. “They’re more violent than anything that I’ve done, but [in my movies,] you give a s— about the characters, which makes it matter more. That’s all I’ll say.”

Of course, Gibson would shake things up and definitely bring a unique take to the character, probably exploring Stark’s darker side.

Would you like to see Mel Gibson teaming up with Robert Downey Jr. for Iron Man 4?

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      • David

        Fair enough – I can’t get enough Lethal Weapon, Payback, Mad Max vibes – he’s acted in many stinkers though.

        His directing is GOOD, but it’s boring to me is all.

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