Mel Gibson has confirmed that he is early talks to direct Suicide Squad 2

Another day, another rumour. Except, this time it seems we have confirmation. Mel Gibson has confirmed that he is early talks to direct Suicide Squad 2.

A few days ago, a rumour started spreading across the net that Braveheart director Mel Gibson was interested in directing Suicide Squad and that he was in early talks with Warner Bros. Of course, we try to steer clear of all this strange DCEU talk, especially since Mel has spoken against comic book films in the past. However, it seems this rumour has turned out to be true.

Mel Gibson Suicide Squad 2

After garnering six Oscar nominations for the true-life war epic Hacksaw Ridge, Gibson has climbed his way back up the Hollywood ladder and established himself as a bankable director again. It’s obvious that Warner noticed and would like him to replace David Ayer as the director of Suicide Squad 2.

Gibson recently confirmed the news to an audience at a Q&A after a screening of Hacksaw Ridge. The moderator asked Gibson how close he was to locking down a deal and Gibson replied, “It’s kind of a first date”. Word is that Gibson is a long time fan of Will Smith and has been wanting to work with the actor for some time.

Despite the negative reviews from critics, Suicide Squad went on to make $756 million globally. While the film was panned by many, most people can agree that the best thing to come out of the film was Will Smith’s Deadshot. It would be interesting to see what Mel and Will could whip up together. Known for his violent and often bloody films, Gibson could probably give us the first real R-rated DC comic book movie.

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