Meet the Worst Rapper Ever

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Youtube sensation Ajak Chol, better known by his stage name Bangs and Ur Boy Bangs, is a South Sudanese-Australian hip hop artist best known for his viral songs “Take U to Da Movies” and “Meet Me on Facebook”. Bangs was discovered and interviewed on Eminem’s internet radio station in 2009. When videos of the interview appeared on YouTube, his fame skyrocketed and his music videos accumulated millions of views. Bangs became visible enough in the mainstream media that in 2010 Honda hired him for an advertisement. What world kind of a world do we live in?

Verse 1

Hey shorty u been talking about me
I know that u love me
Meet me on facebook
Give me Ur email address
So I can add u as a friend
Than we can start chat
U can show me what u gat
And I can give u what I have
We can make love through the facebook and that’s hot
If u wanna ride
Let me know on a facebook and I’ll be there by Ur side
Baby u so fine I wanna make u mine
U gotta nice look
If u wanna chat with me meet me on facebook
And let’s ride

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  1. Byron

    WTF did I just watch, this video looks like it was shot off a phone and I need to throw acid in my ears now…I think my IQ dropped in 30 seconds!

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