Every Star Wars fan knows the little blue and white droid called R2-D2, now meet his lesser known cousin the astromech droid C2-B5.

During an episode of the Star Wars Show, Lucasfilm revealed the first image of this new Imperial astromech that bears more than a passing resemblance to R2-D2, the main difference being the sleek black coat of paint. It is also mentioned that droids under the empire rule frequently have their memories wiped. How C2-B5 and these frequent memory wipes factor into Rogue One’s plot is something we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m curious to why C2-B5 so closely resembles R2-D2, hopefully, we will find out more in December when the film is set to release.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is set to release on the 16th of December 2016 and is directed by Gareth Edwards and stars Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Riz Ahmed, Ben Mendelsohn, Forest Whitaker, Mads Mikkelsen and Alan Tudyk.

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