Meet Orisa Overwatch's New Spidery Hero

Blizzard has announced the latest hero to join the Overwatch heroes: a mechanical spider-like robot called Orisa.

Meet Orisa Overwatch's New Spidery Hero

After weeks of speculation, Blizzard has finally revealed that the mechanical spider-like robot Orisa would be joining the roster of heroes. Orisa is a Tank class hero and focuses mostly on protection. She uses a fusion driver automatic cannon while devastating does slow down her movement. She also has an alternate fire mode which slows down her enemies. Her abilities include Fortify, which makes her harder to kill by reducing the damage she takes, and Protective Barriere, which lets her deploy a stationary barrier that can block enemy attacks. Her ultimate is called Supercharger, which allows her to launch a device that increases the damage done by teammates. It is important to note that the device can be destroyed by the enemy team so it’s important to guard it well.

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