Mcave Call of Duty Ghosts vs. Battlefield 4

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Mweb held a unique launch last Friday at the MCave, an experiment in order to determine the best first person shooter players. For the release of two anticipated gaming titles, teams of Call of Duty players battled it out against teams of Battlefield players.

Upon arrival guests were given gifts according to the franchise that they were to represent on the evening. Half of the guests received a Call of Duty: Ghosts Beanie, a Black skull mask and some branded dog tags, the other half received a Battlefield 4 Camo cap, a Camo Skull mask and some Battlefield branded dog tags. After a quick welcome and thank you to those who made the evening happen, Nick Holden went over the house rules and regulations, as well as how the scoring system for the evening would work.

The room was divided with Battlefield gamers to the left and Call of Duty to the right. But before the full metal mayhem began, us media folk were given 15 minutes to test each game starting with Call of Duty: Ghosts. Having only played the Call of Duty franchise, I made sure that I could get some time alone with the game. Little did I know that we would be engaging into a multiplayer battle. Whilst the graphics were amazing most of the time, I was merely spectating as opponents killed me before I could get a chance to even explore. I ended up roaming lobbies and completeling character customization for most part. Let it be known that I did manage to land one shot smack bang into some pro-gamer character’s face. Scoring some headshot points lifted my ego ever so slightly. The other gamers were salivating at the side-lines, counting down each second of the media’s 15 minute gameplay grace. Once the 15 minutes came to a close what was once a slight skirmish became an all-out war as the Call of Duty pros beat the Battlefield pros. Technically, this was an away game and it was Battlefield 4 that really got the party started.

From the opening of the evening, the majority of the crowd was excited for Battlefield 4. The amount of excitement for the game showed who the clear favourite was. I stood on the side-lines mostly so I could get a look at the gameplay and graphics. On both console and PC the graphics looked better than that of its rival, Call of Duty Ghosts. The environment looks smoother and more detailed as well. Being more of a multiplayer event, I was only limited to seeing one or two of the maps being used but it was clear to see that the gamers were getting more involved when it came to this title, as reactions were loud and people were dying to get involved.

Another great job done by Des and the team at Mweb as they continue to look after the gaming community. These regular events show that when it comes to gaming, they have the gamer in mind. With plenty of prizes available on the night, we were treated to some first class first person shooting!

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