Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok Versus DC's Justice League - Are People Blind?

I’m sorry, did I miss something? The trailer for Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok has just dropped and already comic book fans are losing their minds over it and claiming that it will be the best comic book film of the year. I’m a little confused. Why did DC’s Justice League receive so much hate?

“The CGI is atrocious.” “The film is too dark.” “Why did Zack Snyder butcher a classic song?” “There is too little story in the trailer.” “None of it makes any sense.” “I don’t like Ben Affleck’s Batman.” “Why can’t we see the villain?” “Why are there so many explosions?” “The trailer gave me aids.” This is just some of the strange commentary we’ve seen in the last month. And it’s absolutely ridiculous.

Something is amiss. How can fans love the Thor: Ragnarok trailer more than the Justice League trailer? If you came for answers, I’m afraid we haven’t got any. All we can say is that the mindsets are slightly skewed.

Complaints About CGI

Fans complain about Cyborg looking fake and that the CGI wasn’t well done, but take a good hard look at Marvel’s Hulk. Does he look more convincing to you? Is the giant green toad seriously more convincing than Cyborg? If we’re completely honest with ourselves, it isn’t hard to tell which character looks better.

Complaints About It Being Too Dark

Seriously, if you put the two trailers side-by-side, I can assure you that they both have the same amount of darkness (or dark colour grading, if you will). If it’s the subject matter that is “too dark” or “too serious”, again, if you compare the two side-by-side you will notice that they both have a similar tone – both have humour mixed with action and destruction.

Not Funny Enough

Let’s be petty. How many jokes are there in the Thor: Ragnarok trailer? I’ll give you a hint, it’s less than two. That’s right, there is only one joke in the entire trailer. One. In comparison to Justice League‘s five funny moments, that’s a little. So, just on the basis of those two trailers, DC is funnier.

Stop Butchering Classic Songs

I’ve heard many people say that DC is trying to be more like Marvel by using a popular rock song in the trailer – like Guardians of the Galaxy did. Here is the problem though, this isn’t the first movie trailer to use a rock song as the background music. It’s been done for years. Think back to Terminator 2, remember George Thorogood & The Destroyers’ “Bad To The Bone”? What about The Pixies “Where Is My Mind?” in the Fight Club trailer? This isn’t something new and Marvel certainly didn’t invent it. In fact, most editors use popular songs to cut trailers.

Who Is The Villain?

Probably one of the biggest complaints about the Justice League trailer was that we didn’t get to see the villain – mostly because DC has learnt from their mistake of revealing Doomsday in the Batman v Superman trailers. That said, we do get to see a lot of Parademons get killed, leading us to assume that it will either be Darkseid or Steppenwolf. Now, by comparison, how much do you know about Cate Blanchett’s Hela based on what we saw in the trailer? Very little too. We know that she breaks Mjolnir, defeats Thor and destroys Asgard (or at least part of it), but not much more. So again, I ask you, why all the complaints?

Something isn’t right. Somehow fans have become more critical of DC movies. I’m not sure why, but they expect more. They expect perfection. They expect the Godfather, with the Don swapped out for a comic book character. But that isn’t fair and it doesn’t make any sense. I’ll be the first to admit that the editing for Batman v Superman was terrible – I think most DC fans would admit to that – but that’s where the criticisms usually end. It wasn’t a train smash. Despite what critics might have told you, it wasn’t the worst movie you’ve ever seen.

Now watch both trailers again and you’ll notice that they aren’t worlds apart:

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    • ArArArchStanton

      But DC does deserve bashing for the simple reason that they don’t produce quality products. Marvel on the other hand has produced 17 consecutive quality films and have earned the solid reputation they currently enjoy. There is a clear difference. I’m honestly surprised when people can’t see the difference.

      • Paul Shannon

        100% disagree. Iron Man 1, Avengers Assemble and Winter Soldier… Those are the only quality films in the MCU. Everything else is formulaic, forgettable, cookie-cutter trash with little re-watch value. MoS and BvS are in my opinion 2 of the finest comic movies of all time. MoS annoyed people who were overly attached to the Donner iteration of the character and didn’t actually understand Superman as a character… They wanted a plot device, a god with zero character development. The Ultimate Cut of BvS fixed all of the editing issues and the extended and extra scenes addressed most if not all of the nitpicks people had with the Theatrical release. The Ultimate Cut was also the initial version of the movie which was edited down to the Theatrical to get a more economical run-time… Something I hope WB have learned from.

        There is a “clear difference”. Marvel have a formula… make you laugh while butchering comic story-lines. People like you seem to like it. I hated Thor because the entire movie screamed at me that “COMICS ARE STUPID!!!”. It also gave us retard-baby Hulk and made sure we’ll NEVER get a Planet Hulk or World War Hulk movie.

        I’m fairly sure you’ll disagree with most of the above but saying
        “DC does deserve bashing for the simple reason that they don’t produce quality products” is just… wrong. I’d re-watch MoS or BvS a hundred times over and every time is a joy. The thought of ever having to watch Thor again pains me to my core.

    • Leon

      I saw both movies and well, they where both good in my opinion. As for the villians, I knew a lot more about Hela before she was even cast in the movie as the villan than Steppenwolf. So, based on past knowledge of the mythology, I had certain expectations of her power and what she stood for. Steppenwolf is less known to me personally so that made him not so impressive IMO. Other points though are spot on for the most part.

  1. And no, people aren’t blind. I’m more excited for the WW than the rushed JL movie. This teaser makes it look like the Thor movie made a complete turn for the better…. and who isn’t excited about Gladiator Hulk vs Thor? The teaser starts off bad ass, and leaves you mesmerized in pure awesomeness.

    Marvel opened up the whole Galaxy and they are taking advantage of it…going to new worlds, seeing new creatures and characters…it’s really entertaining and fun to watch.

    • ArArArchStanton

      No, they’ve earned a great reputation. They haven’t been given one. DC on the hand, hasn’t. Frankly I’m surprised that you and the writer of this article don’t get it.

  2. Got to agree with the fans. Firstly I’m a HUGE batman fan. But this new Justice League trailer than came out just didn’t do it for me, Looked way too green screened and characters way too serious, which made it look flat and boring. Thor just came out and I was smiling in the end, Looks like fun to watch and Marvel has it right with balanced humour. Will it stop me watching one over another? no, but if I were forced to watch only one,Thor would be a no thinker. And Cyborg CGI does actually look terrible, first thing I noticed in that scene.

  3. Is funny how they are all bashing, but the JL trailer (only in the Warner channel) has like 24M views. Spiderman Homecoming (in the official Marvel page) has less than 5M views. And we know Ragnarok is not gonna get 10M I think.

    What Im trying to say is….. The numbers speaks for themselves.

    Now, as a comic book fan. This looks awesome! Im way more excited for Ragnarok than I am for Guardians 2. Still, JL is on top of my wish list

  4. Thing is…DC movies are supposed to be dark. When you think of DC characters, they’re mostly gods trying to be human. There is an atmosphere about the characters, as well as the comics and stories, that makes it feel more mature and darker. We’ve been told in other articles from overseas publications that Thor Ragnarok will have a much more comical sense about it. Meaning it’ll be funnier. DC is still trying to find their roots in the movies and I think they should emulate what they’ve been doing in their animated movies into their real life productions. I’m excited for both movies, purely because I can’t wait to see how bad ass Aquaman will be. And how they’re going to reveal Supes. Thor I’m looking forward to because Marvel is combining Thor with my favourite character and possibly his best story line. It’s a good time to be a geek at the moment. Let’s stop this fanboy bitching and enjoy them for what they are

  5. I have low expectations for dc movies … the difference between the franchise has been execution … marvel took their time and gave each hero an individual movie so there was no need for backstory development when the big collaboration movie avengers came about… dc in an effort to compete rushed the process and the result was the devastating batman vs superman movie

  6. Mark

    Yeah, the problem is this. Marvel has a proven track record and each movie feels different and exciting and good. DC had the amazing Batman movies aaannnd…They haven’t lived up to those. I really want them to but so far, when I hear movies being announced, it’s Marvel I root for

    • Jonathan

      DC characters don’t need to be introduced. Everyone knows who Batman is, and everyone knows his baxkstory. Everyone knows Superman’s backstory. The Flash is the most popular superhero TV show on television, and Wonder Woman is getting her own fucking movie in spite of her being a house hold name.

      Marvel, on the other hand, had Hulk and Captain America. Iron-Man wasn’t nearly the icon he was before the films. Black Widow and Hawkeye are throwaway characters NOBODY knew about, and they still don’t have their own movies.

      Thor wasn’t much more popular than Widow and Hawkeye, so they gave him a movie.

      So, let’s take a look at how much time each franchise spent on introducing characters in phase 1.

      In Marvel

      Iron Man got two movies, BW had a cameo.

      Thor got one, Hawkeye had a cameo.

      Captain America got one.

      That’s it. Hulk got a movie, but Ruffalo’s version is a soft reboot, so nobody connects his character to that solo film.

      So Iron Man got two movies, Thor got one, Captain got one, and Widow and Hawkeye got one cameo each.

      As for DC.

      Superman got one film.

      Batman and Superman both lead a film together, and WW had a cameo.

      Suicide Squad had heavy Batman cameos.

      Wonder Woman will fully flesh her out.

      Superman got two movies, Batman got one, Wonder Woman got one, and both Wonder Woman and Batman had cameos in two movies.

      DC isn’t far behind, and Justice League isn’t rushed.

      You are just holding them to a higher standard because you’re obviously biased.

      • Georgia

        You say he/she is biased? You clearly don’t understand what you’re talking about. In the DC movies the character build of Superman in his movie and Batman in his and Wonder Woman in hers, are much less developed. They are fast paste and not much development happens. We got a whole movie with Wonder Woman, but who really feels like they know her? Their solo movie backstory’s are full of just their backstory’s , nothing else. In Marvel each movie that a character got, it was interesting and new and not something we already knew was going to happen. They are creative, funny, dark when they need to be. Plus Iron Man had 3 movies, Thor had 3 movies Captain America had 3 movies and hulk got one. Do you understand how much character building 3 movies has? Marvel makes much more badass movies so when we saw them before Avengers, when Avengers was finally an idea fans of the movies were super excited to see all of them together. They built even more onto their characters, all related to each Marvel movie and it created a Universe that is not vague. Justice League was rushed, by the time the movie was almost over i felt like it had just started. Both me and my boyfriend noticed that it felt that way. DC is far behind Marvel, Marvel makes awesome movies and DC is actually trying to copy Marvel’s tactics for more popularity. Even Marvel TV shows are better. Least Justice League is good for something though, when i really need an hour to pass super fast and have it feel like 20 mins, i can just go watch Justice League. It’ll be over by the time it gets anywhere.

  7. Because DC has a terrible track record for comic book movies. (With a few notable exceptions) it tries to hard to make a movie version of the characters and doesn’t use the source material very well. DC is simply inferior to what marvel is doing.

  8. DC already running scared of FAR superior Marvel! Just remember Marvel has Spider-Man – Homecoming, Thor – Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. While DC has a decent looking Wonder Woman, but an awful JL coming…ouch! Waaaaaaay behind again.

  9. I am SICK of “fan boys” bashing DC movies! If you don’t have anything good to say shut up and leave the rest of us to love DC movies! I never purposely bash Marvel movies but I could easily do so.

  10. The MCU fanboys who only root for one franchise will not be around in 10 years when the films are either struggling or they move onto whatever else is hot by then. All the true comic fans are soaking in the awesome films we are getting while the cancerous fans beat their chest for attention.

  11. This is a shit article lmao. Its just like a long Facebook comic written by a butthurt DC fan.

    Im looking forward to both movies. They’re both gonna be awesome to see. Will they both be good? Who knows.

    The real complaint i think about the JL trailer tho is that its kind of a mess. Its all over the place. You dont really get a grasp of whats going on. Visually it looks awesome. Its just hard to care about. With Thor (and all the other current marvel trailers) they cut to the chase. They dont show too much, but you get a feel for it

  12. Great article. Bandwagon haters man. Don’t get me wrong, there are a legit bunch of folks out there that don’t like the direction DC films are taking and then there are assholes who love to hate.
    Both look mal and are probably going to be mal.

  13. This side by side comparison is missing the point. A good metaphor for what this article does would be to show the ingredients for two cakes, identical ingredients to a T. The author if this article would say “same ingredients will give same outcome, so if you like one better you’re biased!” Not taking any account for how well the ingredients were mixed and if the chef baked correctly.

  14. KennGibson

    I think it’s Christopher Nolans fault. By making arguably the best superhero movies of all time. We have subconsciencely expected DC movies to be amazing. They have been good to ok. I liked BvS, I liked Suicide Squad, I can’t wait for Wonder Woman and Justice League, but what they lack, which Marvel has in spades is fun. Guardians of The Galaxy, Dr Strange, AntMan, Avengers One were fantastically fun movies. Winter Soldier was epic in every sense. It’s the banter that makes the Marvel movies for me. Thats what makes me excited for Justice League.

  15. CosmicThought

    You seriously don’t know?? It’s because Marvel has a successful track record. DC doesn’t. DC is trying to play catch- up with Marvel, when they should just be making movies. And the music. Come on, the comparison was Marvel to DC, not DC to The Terminator.
    Marvel did it in the right order. Introduce the characters, then put them in a team movie. DC has had little character development and “killed” one of the characters they developed. Then, the other character they developed, they changed actors. Then, they have successful characters on their tv series, but cast a different actor for the movies. Seriously, who is making all the stupid decisions over there?? Can you blame the fans for having no faith in them? And then you write nonsense about not making sense….smh

  16. Jon

    Come on guy, if you dont know why, ur not qualified to write this article.

    DC has been messing up its live verse for a while now. Rushed movies with bad plot and making everything super dark. They ignore comic plot abd screw up the characters.

    Meanwhile, you have marvel rockin stuff. They may be a little off plot wise but they still work together and make the entire experience really enveloping.

    Marvel just has a grid and makes movies planned out, they arent afraid to push stuff rather than just play it safe like DC does in the live verse by making everyone into batman

    You could say im biased but its actually the opposite, i started DC and love it, im eagerly awaiting a dc film i can buy. While i buy the animated ones. Ive not seen a single good thing come in the live verse from dc in 5 years.

  17. Josh

    I’ll have you know I watched BvsS on opening day and yes. Yes it was one of the worst God awful movies I’ve ever seen. Marvel has my trust and respect and love because they have spent nearly a DECADE getting me invested in the characters and story. They developed and molded and learned. There were some bad Marvel movies (looking at you Thor: Dark World) but some amazing ones as well. Are their tricks new? No. But they are tried and true cinema tropes that helps me cope with my miserable life in the real world.

    And DC? Well, DC just messed up. Dropped the ball. It’s like an ex who hurt me but wants to get back together. You hurt me DC. You cast Jessi Eisenberg as Lex and that hurt. You introduced way too many characters and plot points and that hurts. You made the reason Batman and Superman became friends because they share a mom named Martha and that hurts. You had a giant final villain battle at NIGHT with LIGHTING making a horrible strobe light affect and let me tell you, that one really hurt. Now I know that’s a tried and true cinema trick but lemme lay some knowledge on you. That is used in movies that are pushing budget, over budget, or low budget altogether so you don’t see the crappy CGI or the zipper on the costume. Doomsday is one of the most amazing villains in the DC universe. He friggan kills Superman! You don’t cut his CGI budget. Not when your trying to compete with a billion dollar company like Marvel that is owned by a billion dollar company like Disney. You don’t pull that when your competitor took a relatively unheard of walking talking raccoon and walking kinda talking tree and made them a money printing machine.

    The reason I’m not critical and have many good things to say about Thor: Ragnarok? I trust them. They love me. They want to please me. The reason I’m overly critical of Justice League? DC broke my heart. I’m just not sure if I’m ready to give it another go yet. It’s going to be a long road before i can trust DC again.

  18. Matt

    I didn’t read any of the responses nor any of your other articles but I did read this one and it’s clear you’re just a DC fan who is disappointed that Marvel has put out better movies, and why wouldn’t you be upset our whole universe is coming to life and yours is in the can those movies are terrible and DC themselves not separating TV from movies and putting out pieces of dumb like they have is beyond arrogant. You should be upset as a fan but don’t start cracking on things that do look really cool look really good and make a lot of money ie Thor trailer or the outcome financially the movie will make. Why don’t you write about destroying the social justice Warrior trying to kill comic books for their own unwanted uninvited selfish cancer. Or you can straight-up make your article white DC hasn’t totally abandon ship and got the right guy to direct their movies… look out bad girl that isn’t the only movie Josh is going to be doing mark my words…

  19. M.vithyan

    Once upon a time there was a standard for superhero films!
    Marvel managed a new way with humours and simple plot twist-one n different collaboration ideas BT still lack of characteristic&better villain
    Dc movie still far behind make perfect bcs they don’t want their iconic character ruining! Yet they want to charge in money Chase versus marvel. Hard thing non-superhero fans attracting to marvel, bcs this reasons D.C. just rushing marvel becomes branding!
    I hope both become balancing&Perfection

  20. eric

    I just think that everyone should just be thankful we live in the times we live in. Im 38 and the comic realm movies are blowing everything to pieces while the rest of the movie stories have just been recycled to the point of non caring. I mean dc and marvel , safe too safe. When all stories are told and we are all left to new shit…We are all fucked. So who cares if you are a dc fan/ or marvel fan. Do you really care that not enough was showed in your trailer. No because its a dc/marvel flick and it will get everyones money. Pray for more comics!

  21. Cameron George

    Justice league is 7 months away. One thing no one can say is that Zach Snyder and his team “Dont do CGI well”. As per his special effects team, Cyborg is going to be some of the most complex CGI they have ever attempted. Cut DC a break. I am looking forward to both but JUSTICE LEAGUE first.

  22. Mark

    I just re-watched these again, and although I’d give the edge to Thor, they both looked pretty good. Thor wins because Marvel seems to have fixed their main problem, the villain. But with the SDCC trailers out now, Thor is looking so much better. This was a much better JL trailer than the SDCC one

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