Freeform Network (formerly know as ABC Family) has greenlit a Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger TV series.

The series is based on the two Marvel characters Tyrone Johnson (Cloak) and Tandy Bowen (Dagger). Cloak has the ability to consume light, intangibility and teleportation (both himself and others), the drawback is that he continually needs to feed on light, be it the light emitted by Dagger or the light consumed from victims. Dagger on the other hand can emit light (which can feed Cloak’s hunger) and generate and throw “light daggers”. The series has been described as a “superhero love story” which fits perfectly with Freeform Network’s demographic of 14 – 34 years, as the show will be aimed at younger adults.

According to Variety, there has yet to be a writer announced for the series and the search is currently underway. This will be the first Marvel series for Freeform although its sister network ABC is currently the home of Marvel’s Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, and Marvel’s Most Wanted.

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