We have all been wondering, just who or what Mosaic is. Well, it seems we just got our answer.


Mosaic is the latest Inhuman Anti-Hero to join the Marvel ranks. Morris Sackett was an arrogant, self-absorbed and much loved professional basketball player who gets exposed to the Terrigen mists. The Mists changes Morris into the Inhuman called Mosaic who has to possess the bodies of others in order to survive. The upside to this is that Mosaic gains all the skills and knowledge of the bodies he possesses. Morris learns what it means to go from being a famous sports star to a nobody. It’s this experience along with his unique ability that makes him one of the most complex characters in the Marvel Universe.

Mosaic was created by writer/actor Geoffrey Thorne and artist Khary Randolph. They will also be helming the Mosaic comic that will be coming out starting October.

What makes Mosaic so interesting, according to Randolph is his complex morality.

“Morris isn’t a hero, or at least he doesn’t see himself as one. He’s not out to make the world a better place for anyone but Morris. Not at first. Nor is he a villain. He’s not a malevolent person, just extremely self-obsessed. When Peter Parker first got his powers, he spent a few weeks using them to make money and to basically get his own back from a world that hadn’t been very nice to him thus far. He gets over it with the death of his uncle and becomes the hero we all know. Morris lives in that space Peter only passed through and has no kindly Uncle Ben to teach him about power and responsibility. Morris is about Morris.”

Randolph also remarked that they would want to focus on Mosaic as a minority hero. Most minority heroes tend to be good or face some sort of backlash, but Morris is more complex than that and that is what makes him unique and interesting.

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