Marvel Comics Monopoly Collector’s Edition

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Over there have been many, many different iterations of the Monopoly board game. You’ve probably seen the Walking Dead version or the Jurassic Park versions before? But now, there is something new for comic book geeks out there; Monopoly: Marvel Comics Collector’s Edition. It could probably go hand in hand with the Justice League Monopoly game released in 2002.


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Alass the most valuable comic book collection to win with this marvelous Marvel Comics Collector’s Edition Monopoly Game! The custom gameboard features 22 iconic and highly valued comic book covers, so you’ll get to relive all your favorite character introductions and superhero re-launches from the storied legacy of Stan Lee and Marvel. Pick a figure representing Thor, Captain America, Invisible Woman, and other Marvel superheroes. Then make your way around the board, buying up properties like Captain America #1 and the Ghost Rider Fantastic First Issue! 2 to 6 players.

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