Marky Mark wants to be Iron Man

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Transformers star Mark Wahlberg hasn’t really played a superhero yet and it seems the former underwear model has his sites on stepping in for Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. In a new interview, promoting 2Guns, Wahlberg expressed his interest in the character and how much he liked The Avengers.. “I would like to take over the ‘Iron Man’ franchise for Robert Downey, [but] it’s one of those things where I kind of like playing real people, [so] I’ve never been asked. Once I was kind of being talked about for the Robin role in ‘Batman [Forever] — somebody dodged a bullet!” He’s mostly kidding, of course. Or is he? Downey Jr. has signed on to do Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015 as well as Avengers 3, which will likely be in 2018. So Wahlberg will have’ta wait quite a few years before he is optioned.

Marky Mark wants to be Iron Man

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