Man of Steel Blu-ray Hints at Doomsday

Written by has discovered a hint to Superman villain Doomsday on the Man of Steel Blu-Ray. According to the site, one of the bonus features on the Man of Steel Blu-ray collection is a documentary that gathers concept art and viral marketing assets about Krypton like the recently revealed Learn About Krypton viral site. It seems that the U.S. government was able to reverse-engineer a translation of the Kryptonian data found in the databanks of Zod’s ship, the Black Zero, when it communicated with the Kryptonian scout ship.

An image from this documentary clearly reads:

“We remember those who fell during the Last War”
“Beware Bertron’s curse, for he is named Doomsday.”

Bertron was a Kryptonian scientist who lived hundreds of years ago. Fixated on creating the “perfect” life form, he evolved something he thought could bear the ravages of the planet’s most unforgiving landscape, and then set the cloned infant free there to be devoured by the elements and local animal life. Scraping up the leftover genetic material, Bertron did this hundreds of times, essentially forcing the clone to rapidly evolve.

Ultimately, the being that was created was virtually indestructible and had evolved the ability to resurrect itself after death, having “evolved” past whatever killed it so that it couldn’t die the same way twice. Bertron had succeeded in making an immortal and powerful being–but that being was barbaric and impossible to control–and it carried with it the genetic memory of generations of abuse, driving it to destroy Bertron and basically anything else that crossed its path.

Eventually subdued and bound, the being known as Doomsday was fired off into space–where its cell crash-landed in what would later become Ohio and was buried deep underground, where Doomsday “hibernated” for decades or centuries before he woke up

Doomsday needs no introduction. His fight with Superman resulted in his death. Clearly, Snyder has a few plans for where he is taking the Man of Steel story.

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