The Netflix documentary, Making a Murderer, captured many an audience across the globe when it was released over 2015’s festive season, and was all many of us were discussing come the New Year. There has always been the opportunity to continue onto a second season of the documentary, about Steve Avery’s wrongful conviction of the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach, which may even be released within the next few months.

The most recent news mentions that the now famous lawyer pair of Dean Strang and Jerry Buting will return as part of Avery’s legal defense, even after Avery himself cited his frustration commenting that the lawyers “didn’t do no investigation on this case, if they did I would not be in prison.” Strang and Buting dismissed the comments as being nothing more than Avery having expressed himself in frustration at the court’s decisions to deny his appeals on several occasions.

Season 2 of Making a Murderer was confirmed to be in the works by directors, Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi, with all attorneys set to return, having already made official case statements via several interviews. The return of Avery’s legal team has also given birth to theories that the second season of the documentary would cover Avery’s possible acquittal.

A recent statement from Strang said: “I’ve always suspected Steven Avery was innocent… I’ve recognized that I don’t have the right to make a claim of absolute innocence because I wasn’t there. I am very confident in offering my opinion that the evidence didn’t even come close to proving him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. And I suspect him innocent.”

Buting also released a statement saying: “The Steven Avery that I knew certainly didn’t fit the mould of the way they tried to portray him. So I hope that at some point they will be able to find and prove who the perpetrator is, so he is in essence proven innocent.”

The case to acquit Avery on appeal is led by his new lawyer Kathleen Zellner, an Illinois-based attorney who specializes in wrongful convictions.

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