2K has revealed what they have up their sleeves post release for Mafia III, the plans include both paid and free DLC.


The free DLC for  Mafia III will mainly consist of new character outfits for Lincoln and the Judge, Jury and Executioner golden weapons pack, which will be available 30 days after launch. The weapons pack will include a new shotgun (The Exterminatore), a .30 rifle (The Praecisione) and a pistol (The Silentium). It was also mentioned that there will be vehicle customizations and free races on the way.

The three paid story DLC’s will be a separate experience that will reveal more about Lincoln’s time in New Bordeaux. Players will learn that it’s not just the Italian mob Lincoln has to fear.

The first of these DLC’s is titled ‘Faster, Baby’ and sees Lincoln teaming up with Roxy Laveau, a former flame, to take down a corrupt sheriff who is terrorizing civil rights activists.
The second DLC titled ‘Sign of the Times’ focuses on a string of ritualistic killings that has the city on the edge of terror. Lincoln agrees to seek out and hunt down the cult responsible.  His quest takes him from the dark heart of the old bayou to the drug-ridden counter culture of the inner city.
The third DLC titled ‘Stones Unturned’ has Lincoln joining forces with a CIA agent called John Donovan in order to settle a feud that began in Vietnam.

All the story expansions will be included as part of the season pass, or can be bought individually.
The game will be releasing on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in October 2016.

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