Watch: Maddie Ziegler Returns In Sia's Latest Music Video

Directed by Daniel Askill, who also worked on “Chandellier”, “Elastic Heart” and “Big Girls Cry”, The Greatest is the latest single from Sia.

Australia’s favourite eccentric hitmaker Sia Furler revealed her new single and video The Greatest on Tuesday. In another dance-heavy clip, the video features her mini-avatar (13-year-old dancer Ziegler) leading a troupe of fellow children and adults in a joyous routine inside dilapidated apartment buildings, moving from one room to another, with the usual compliment of expressive hand and facial gestures. The talented teen performer has become Sia’s alter ego on screen and stage since her award-winning 2014 single Chandelier.

Like their first collaboration, this video is bound to make the internet melt again. Sia released her most recent album This is Acting this past January.

‘Hey, I am the truth

Hey, I am the wisdom of the fallen; I’m the youth

Hey, I am the greatest; hey, this is the proof

Hey, I work hard, pray hard, pay dues, hey

I transform with pressure; I’m hands-on with effort

I fell twice before; my bounce back was special

Letdowns will get you, and the critics will test you

But the strong will survive; another scar may bless you, ah’

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