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This Luxury Yacht Looks Like Something From A Batman Movie

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I imagine that if Batman started fighting crime on water, this is what his batmobile would look like. Black Swan is a super luxury yacht designed by Timur Bozca and is made to captivate those who have an eye for style, luxury, and technology.

Black Swan features hidden balconies, a multi-level pool, spacious sun deck, helipad, an arrow-shaped tip and a pool that fades towards the sea. You know, the kinda stuff only Bruce Wayne can afford. With four engines that can generate 23,172hp, Black Swan can hit a top speed of 32mph, although its cruising speed is 23mph.

Using the powerful image of an arrow as my inspiration, I tried to create an aerodynamic exterior that would give the yacht a distinctive look, while also improving the efficiency of the craft in the water,” said Bozca in a statement.

Russian Batman are you listening? You seriously need to get Alfred and Lucius Fox on this.

black swan superyacht bruce wayne

Luxury Yacht Black Swan

Luxury Yacht Batman Black Swan

Luxury Yacht Batman

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