Lord classic gold watch Review

At first glance, Lord Timepieces reflect quality – that was our first impression and probably will be for many readers who’ve glanced over their catalogue. The majority of the designs are simple, clean, and classy. Lord’s Classic Gold watch probably defines the collection. It’s elegant, minimalistic and, more importantly, it is worth its weight in gold.

Lord classic gold watch review

Let’s be honest, in this day and age, it’s quite rare to see someone sporting an analogue watch. Most people have embraced technology and opt to use their phones to tell the time instead. However, if you’re like me, leaving home without a watch on my wrist just makes my arm feel empty. There is just something classy about wearing one. Bond wears one. Bruce Wayne wears one. Even Ryan Gosling’s Sebastian Wilder wore one in La La Land. In short, watches are must-have jewellery for men and women.

Lord’s Classic Gold watches are designed to make you feel at ease in different surroundings: work, home or out and about. It’s a great addition to any wardrobe – a real gentleman’s timepiece. They’re beautiful, sophisticated and very practical for everyday use. The combination of the stainless steel gold-plated strap and the ivory white dial makes the watch look far more expensive than it’s £65 asking price. Whatsmore, it’s comfortable and surprisingly light.

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At the end of the day, a watch is still a watch. It doesn’t do anything more than tell the time. It doesn’t have an alarm or allow you to play flappy bird, but it does make you look good.

The images probably speak for themselves. And while I’m always sceptical about buying products like these online (because I always feel that I might be disappointed by the quality), Lord delivered in both quality and professionality. In fact, the 300 000 plus followers on Instagram (which includes Scott Disick and Mariano Di Vaio) should talk volumes about the popularity of this London-based watch brand. This isn’t a con. They really do ooze class and style, even in person. If you’re looking for something affordable and smart, Lord probably has something for you: Men’s watches or Women’s Watches.

Lord are giving Fortress of Solitude readers 10% off to use at the online store using the discount code: FORTRESS.
Website link: www.lordtimepieces.com

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