The Logan Post-Credit Scene Ft. Deadpool That Should've Been

Many fans were disappointed by the lack of a post-credit scene and the lack of a Deadpool cameo in Logan. Now, Banana-Dragon Productions has fixed that and delivered an awesome fan-made post-credit scene.

The Logan Post-Credit Scene Featuring Deadpool That Should've Been

We all sat in the dark cinema as the final credits played out, hoping to catch a glimpse of something more from Logan. But there was nothing – jack, nada, diddly squat, zip, zilch, zero… Instead, Fox decided to add a Deadpool 2 teaser before the film. And while that was really great, there might still be an empty space in the hearts of many fans. In steps Banana-Dragon Productions’ Logan post-credit scene.

The video cleverly picks up two weeks after the events at the end of Logan and shows Deadpool discovering the grave of Wolverine. He is briefly interrupted by a call from Colossus before he conjures up a plan to resurrect Wolverine.

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  1. Sean

    Didn’t need a post-credits scene, it was perfect as it was. My opinion of Ryan Reynolds goes up another notch knowing that he felt it would have been inappropriate. Just enjoy this fan-made short for what it is, a great little optional extra.

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