Lobola Calculator Sparks Controversy

Lobola Calculator Sparks Controversy

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In October last year, 2014, app developer, Robert Matsaneng, launched an app on Google Play Store, which aimed to provide some detail into calculating lobola costs. Contrary to many articles that have appeared since its launch, the app was intended solely for the purpose of entertainment: “Please note that this app is just for entertainment and is not intended to replace the true culture and protocols of lobola.”

The app starts off by requesting your gender, and then continues to request information such as your age, height, weight, pants size, education level, etc. The end result is a “ballpark” of what your value in cows is as lobola. This, again, points to the light-heartedness of the app, with people measuring their own status; not aimed at evaluating others. The app has sparked controversy, in some instances, since it doesn’t factor in additional information such as personal traits, being able to cook, and the likes, while others have pointed out that lobola is not a matter of payment for a woman’s worth, but rather an exchange of gifts between two families to establish relations. It doesn’t help that there have been a few stories whereby persons have attempted to use this app in actual negotiations. Whatever the case may be, let’s attempt to view the app for the developer suggests it is, simple entertainment for a quick laugh.

You can view the app on the Google Play Store.

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