Live-Action Portal Short: Survive!

Live-Action Portal Short-Survive!
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There is a film location in Los Angeles, California, where users can rent out a floor for free. The location, YouTube Space, is used by prospective film makers with limited budgets to record their films. The only catch is that the film has to appear on YouTube.

Colin and Connor McGuire recently filmed a short at the location, based on the Valve video game, Portal. The short is the first part of a series, which also ties in with the comic, Portal 2: Lab Rat. The 7-minute clip was completed for under $500, including the GLaDOS prop (designed by Jimmy Burns from Angry Dog Studios).

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At the DICE Summit earlier this year, Valve CEO, Gabe Newell and J.J. Abrams spoke of a proposed movie deal, which would bring one of Valve’s titles to a full feature, live-action movie. They said they were “going to try and figure something out” to “make a Half-Life or a Portal movie together.” Let’s hope the short, and the above-mentioned news actually do lead to something bigger in the end. “The Cake is a Lie.”

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