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The Joker
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Many fans were bummed out when actor Mark Hamill retired as the voice actor of The Joker after years of voicing the villain in several cartoon series, animated movies and video games. But there is a new Joker voice heading to Batman: Arkham Origins soon. And while voice actor Troy Baker has some pretty big shoes to fill, he seems to be up for it. A perfect choice.

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2 Comments on "Listen to The New Joker Voice"

  1. Rowena

    Oh god, the Yesness. I stood and clapped by my computer. I was curious whether he was going to go with an impersonation of Hamill’s Joker, and when he did, I gave a moment’s thought to it being a safe decision… but reflected that, honestly, Joker fans would not have been truly happy with anything else. So yes. THANK YOU, SIR! This coulrophile can now rest easy.

  2. Amber Sweet

    I felt bad for him, with the chant “WE WANT MARK!” happened. I knew there were gonna be peeps who wouldn’t accept anyone BUT Mark, but cmon, this guy was pretty awesome. Some minor points taken cuz he didn’t hav it memorized :p

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