LiquidSky: Now You Can Play Any Video Game on Your Android Device

Over the years, there’s been numerous suggestions that console and PC-level gaming will be available on the modern smartphone, but these have somewhat dwindled over time with each new technology release. That was, until now. Enter the LiquidSky 2.0 beta, which aims to bring all your owned games to your mobile device.

LiquidSky: Now You Can Play Any Video Game on Your Android Device

The latest version of the LiquidSky app just went live on the Google Play Store, and promises users the ability to play any game on their Android smartphone through the magic that is cloud streaming. The app gives users a unique virtual PC, allowing them to download their games from existing libraries, which includes support for Steam, Humble Bundle, GOG, Origin, and Blizzard. Currently, the app is only supported on Android version 6.0 and up, with no love for iOS as yet. The latest update now includes all the features available on the Windows beta version.

Thanks to the change in fortunes of cloud computing in modern society, mostly as a result of better performances and features, and driven by business uptake, cloud infrastructure has surely matured in 2017. While there have been many companies that have tried and failed to bring the capability to a sustainable offering in recent times, LiquidSky aims to offer various options to bring the service to the gaming world.

LiquidSky makes use of IBM’s public cloud infrastructure, using different data centres from around the world, all while offering real-time scaling based on demand. IBM’s solution offers a solution that has often seen the downfall of previous attempts to cloud gaming. There’s no doubt that there’s a huge potential to offer game streaming, especially with the continual increase of hardware costs and the ever-changing technology released every few months. Coupled with the mobile capability of bringing high-end gaming to your smartphone, LiquidSky is potentially sitting on a gold mine if it manages to escape the same pitfalls its predecessors suffered. There are three options to access the service, the first being a paid-for access in the form of minutes (or Sky Credits), with the second being a monthly subscription. The third is a free access option, which is coupled with ads users will have to watch at certain intervals. Given that LiquidSky is essentially a streaming service, an adequate connection to the internet is highly recommended.

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