Linkin Park: Living Things Tour – Cape Town Concert

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It really does seem like South Africa is the place to be, and I can only be happy that the world is recognizing it. “Come one, come all!” we seem to say “Bring us your tired masses, your Lady Gaga’s and Chris Browns. Your Adam Lamberts, Chilli Peppers and Bon Jovi’s all have a place to rest their heads, provided they give us some good music. There is a home for you too, Bullet for my Valentine, and we shall not forget ye Rise Against! Enjoy our beaches, our fine dining, take all that you wish, and we ask only that you bring some of your popular music and strong American Dollars.” And so it was too, on a summer’s eve that those ever popular nu-metal rockers Linkin Park did arrive, and as it was foretold in prophecy, it was totally awesome and badass.

linkin park cape town music event

As Facebook may have informed you over the last couple days for those who have friends who attended, this concert was fairly well received. The Cape Town stadium was packed, roughly 55 000 people in attendance, all moved together in the spirit of good music, of all ages and races and social situations. Local group The Kongos opened up things, and seemed to be as well received as the headliners themselves. Not even the long gap between their performance and the main set could dampen moods, as most of us just resorted to buying more beers and some truly awful hotdogs, which at least had free mustard and tomato sauce.

Linkin Park truly blew people away; some bands don’t translate well into live performances, but Linkin Park carried across a truly great performance, with lights and visual effects all keenly edited to perfection, providing an all-encompassing experience. Despite naming the tour after their latest album, just about every one of their main singles over the last 14 years were played, providing a trip down memory lane for some of us, and a first experience for others. Yes, I’m talking to you “boy who looked about 10 years old in front of me.”

linkin park cape town event

I’m sure everyone who was there would agree with me about how great it was, but the wonderful thing about so many performances coming here is that hopefully we can enjoy this experience again and again.

Our heartfelt condolences are with the families of those injured or taken from us due the tragic collapsing sign accident outside the stadium before the show, our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

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