Line-Up of Super-Bowl Trailers

Line-Up of Super-Bowl Movie Trailers

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The Super-Bowl is a mere 5 days away, and Hollywood has already readied their trailers to air during game day. Movie houses for some of the top movies to be released this year pay millions each year to air trailers for their movies, which lasts around 60 seconds, on average. Some of these have gone as far as to release teasers to the said trailers this week, including teasers from Iron Man 3, Oz: The Great and Powerful, and The Lone Ranger, with more possibly lurking around the corner. Here’s a look at those teasers:

Iron Man 3 – Teaser to Super-Bowl Trailer:

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OZ-The Great and Powerful – Teaser to Super-Bowl Trailer:

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The Lone Ranger – Teaser to Super-Bowl Trailer:

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The list of already confirmed trailers to be aired on Sunday, 4th February 2013, include:

• Oz: The Great and Powerful with a 60-second spot,
• The Lone Ranger with a 90-second spot,
• Iron Man 3 with a 60-second spot,
• Fast and Furious 6 its first trailer has a 30-second spot,
• World War Z with a 30-second spot, and
• Star Trek: Into Darkness with a 30-second spot.

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