Lindsay Lohan Wants You To Convince Joss Whedon To Cast Her As Batgirl

Lindsay Lohan Wants You To Convince Joss Whedon To Cast Her As Batgirl

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The journey to casting Joss Whedon’s Batgirl in the DCEU is slowly turning into a bit of a catfight (excuse the pun). Over the last while, dozens of actresses have mentioned that they are eyeing the role. The latest to voice her interest is Mean Girls and The Parent Trap‘s Lindsay Lohan.

Using her Twitter account, Lohan reached out to fans to help her stir the director on:

Of course, a quick glance at the reactions to the 31-year-old redhead actress post shows that most people hate the idea of her playing Barbara Gordon. However, it also did receive over 6000 likes and 4000 retweets.

There have been rumours circulating that Whedon is exiting the project after the negative Justice League response. However, we’ll have to wait and see if there is any truth to it.

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  1. Simon Sinclair

    Psychologically she could play her as all of batmans students have some kind of damage and pain just like he does, Lindsey has had problems and if any of that darkness comes through onto screen it will be something to see but that would be a huge risk as she may not be able to tap into it and just suck on screen

  2. Gaia Di Gennaro


  3. Adam Joseph

    Like i always say u dont see busy actors saying i want a marvel or dc role that has the potential of not only giving me a job but might give me a sequel job as well haha

  4. Brian Emery

    Two things. One, I didn’t know she was still alive. Well done. Two, just when you thought the DCU couldn’t suck worse.

  5. David Murray

    Nope. It’s physically not something I’m capable of doing. I’ll take literally any other person before I advocate for Lindsay Lohan.

  6. Paul Santos

    It’s kind of like how some fans try and convince themselves that Affleck is a good Batman. I understand wanting a good Batman, but that’s mostly cgi.

  7. Matthew Di Cesare

    I wonder what would happen if producers came out about starlets offering sexual favors for rolls. They’d probably be laughed off, which is why I think the whole ordeal is laughable. We’ve all known what rules Hollywood:Sex&Drugs and rock&roll

  8. Matthew Lee

    Lindsay Lohan was a c rate actor at best and now she’s a used up Coke whore with little to no morals and when was the last time she acted again?

  9. Erik Jochums

    I hear from Joss’ wife that the best way to get a role in his movies is through the “casting couch” process, whatever that means.

  10. Brian Sweet

    no… sorry lindsay, you have the tits for the role but you are a horrible actress… emma stone is probably a better fit… she has probably actually watched some nerd shit

  11. Megan Beckler

    At first I was like Nooooo but then I thought about it and she did a good job in a few roles back in the day. She was excellent in Mean Girls.

  12. Destiny Sariah Chase

    What a train wreck. She’s burnt her bridges in Hollywood. No one wants to work with a druggy primadonna diva.

  13. Joseph Padilla

    Can someone please ask joss Whedon how fast he can fuck off… I don’t want him touching another dc movie. K? Thanks.

  14. Shane Turner

    like alcia silverstone was any where near good either,,,,worst actor than this bitch^ but no one bagging her CRAP BATGIRL

  15. Phillip Jackson

    She used to be a good actress. It would generate publicity though with people placing bets before the first coke snorting batarang picture came out.

  16. Joseph Gerth

    Is this going to turn into something like the crazy antics Sean Young did trying to get Tim Burton to cast her as Catwoman in Batman Returns?

    Only comic book movie role I’d ever consider casting her as would be Madelyn Pryor.

  17. aj bodner

    just because batgirls a red head doesn’t mean she should be played by a psycho who hasn’t had a good film since parent trap. hopefully Whedon wont even give her an audition and we wont half to worry.
    p.s. Lohan’s dumb as hell for even campaigning for the role

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