Life is Strange

Legendary Entertainment and Square Enix have decided to partner up in order to create a live-action Life is Strange TV show that will be available on digital streaming services.

Life is strange
At this stage, not much has been revealed with regards to the Life is Strange TV show’s storyline or even when it will be available to stream. Square Enix VP of European Marketing had the following to say about the show, the game’s characters, and if we might see any familiar faces popping up.

“a new version of Arcadia Bay and Blackwell Academy complete with our rich cast of realistic, believable characters and memorable events. Unfortunately since it’s really the beginning of the creative process, we cannot really say anything for sure. There are tonnes of possibilities that are being questioned right now […] We need to see what kind of angle Legendary wants to tell. I think it was important for us in Life Is Strange that we were dealing with this teenage drama story, but at its heart it was much darker.”

It’s not clear how much of an influence if any, the game’s creators Dontnod will have on the show and the direction it takes. Life is Strange is one of our favorite games and weaves an amazing story with deep and interesting characters. Hopefully, Legendary and Square Enix are able to bring these elements to the show successfully.

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