LG has long been pushing the boundaries of their TV technologies, and have continued in that vein by consistently improving their OLED TV technology. The company has been engaged in an ongoing battle with Samsung for many years in a quest for the best, most enhanced viewing precision for their TVs. LG has released the following press release as indication of their continued efforts in developing the best displays.

Press Release

OLED establishes foot as the future of TV Technology

LG’s OLED TV’s render the purest, deepest black making it possible to accurately represent the beauty of space

According to reports and scientific studies alike, OLED otherwise known as Organic Light Emitting Diode, delivers the best-looking picture of any type of TV display today. OLED has the ability to turn each individual pixel on or off. This makes backlighting unnecessary, allowing TV to display perfect black and an infinite contrast.

Coined as an exciting new technology, OLED allows for televisions to display true black in a way other TV technologies sold today just can’t. With this incredible precision, OLED TVs can render crisp, nuanced images down to the most precise details. OLED’s deep black also serves as the perfect backdrop for rendering vibrant colors without light noise interfering with the picture.”

Analysts have highlighted that the high-end OLED TV market has big growth potential as more industry giants are poised to tap deeper into the premium segment.

Commenting on this evolving TV Technology and being able to contribute substantially to this radical change, Kevin Cha, President, LG Electronics, Middle East & Africa, said, “LG has been constantly focusing on raising awareness of OLED TVs, fostering substantial market potential for this latest TV format. Globally, this has resulted in a positive impact on the sales of OLED. The company has been focusing on increasing the production capacity for OLED panels and regards these investments as a crucial component in its drive to make OLED the market standard”.

LG’s pioneering spirit in television design can be seen in how thoroughly the company has dominated the emerging OLED market. LG’s entire OLED TV lineup delivers stunning picture quality alongside the company’s patented perfect black image rendering technology, improved brightness, and an expanded color spectrum, all housed in innovative, slim designs.

All of LG’s OLED models also boast Dual HDR capability, and are thus compatible with both HDR formats – Dolby VisionTM and the open-format HDR10. With unprecedented flexibility, the LG OLED also offers the most up-to-date HDR picture capabilities on the market

LG’s ULTRA Luminance technology greatly enhances contrast between dark and bright areas, delivering vivid HDR images while Contrast Maximizer offers additional depth and contrast by separating objects from their backgrounds. With 10-bit processing power, LG’s OLED TVs can render more than one billion possible color variations, right down to the finest details of color and gradation all revealed on a perfect black screen.

The 2016 LG OLED TV line-up comprises three series (B6, E6, and LG SIGNATURE G6) with eight models ranging from 55 to 77-inches.

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