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Let’s be honest, we all knew the Nexus 5 was coming, it’s just as inevitable now as the next iPhone and Galaxy S release. We also knew, way back in March/April that Google were communicating with LG as the OEM for the vanilla Android OS’s next upgrade. At the time, though, there was little else to go on, even rumours just being rumours. As the announcement date draws near (no official date as yet), the last few weeks has seen quite a dramatic increase in rumours, some fuelled by Google employees themselves. Here’s what we know so far:

LG Nexus 5-What We Know So Far - Demo Unit

Google officially announced the next line of desserts for the Android franchise: Android 4.4 KitKat (not Key Lime Pie as previously rumoured for over a year now). A new statue was officially announced and erected at the Google campus, by means of a small press event. Although not intentional (maybe it was), the event set fire to many rumours, mainly thanks to this image above. This lucky Google employee has had the privilege of a fully functional Nexus 5 demo unit, which he showed off to the world when taking photos during the event.

Since then, an alleged official press photo has been doing the rounds on the Web, confirming the design of the device.

LG Nexus 5-What We Know So Far - Press Shot-01 LG Nexus 5-What We Know So Far - Press Shot-02

In addition, the performance specs have been leaked via a benchmarking website, GFXBench. The results confirm that LG has included the Snapdragon 800 chipset, Quad-core 2.3GHz Krait 400 CPU with Adreno 330 GPU, in the Nexus 5, codenamed Hammerhead. The screen will measure 4.96” with a display resolution of 1794x1080px (1920x1080px if you include the onscreen buttons). Additional specs include a 2300mAh non-removable battery, 2GB RAM, NFC, wireless charging, Bluetooth 4.0 and LTE. Previously, the Nexus 4 bared strong resemblance to the Optimus G. With the recent release of the LG G2, we can once again compare what is to be expected at a minimum. With the rear-facing camera of the G2 sporting a 13MP lens, the Nexus 5 should at least be the same, if not better. Published FCC documentation has also added to the full picture, with the release of a few shots of the device’s internals.

LG Nexus 5-What We Know So Far - FCC

When will all the rumours be confirmed? Well, another rumour has pointed to an October launch. Casemaker, SPIGEN, have reportedly leaked information that their cases will be available with the device come 31st October 2013, which means that we can expect the actual announcement to happen two to three weeks prior to the availability of the Nexus 5.

One dedicated fan has taken all previously released leaked renders to produce what he envisions the Nexus 5 to look like, and this is what we get:

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