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LG has announced its plans to launch 4 additional X Series smartphones in July. The OEM announced the X Cam and X Screen devices from the X Series range at MWC 2016, shortly followed by the official launch of those devices.

The 4 new smartphones include the X Power, X Style, X Max, and X Mach, each of which will include themes related to a specific X-Men character. The X Cam and X Screen will also receive makeovers in line with the theme. The X Power has the best battery in line with Prof. X’s concentration powers, the X Cam has 3 cameras paired along Cyclops’ capabilities, and the X Screen allows for back and forth switching between the two screens and paired with Nightcrawler’s teleportation ability. The X Style is matched with Mystique’s shape-shifting ability, the X Max being the biggest is modeled after Beast, and the X Mach after Quicksilver, having the best processing speed.

While no specifications were announced for the new models, it was confirmed that they will be available in the US, Europe and Latin America, with announcements still pending in other regions including South Africa (although it may never ‘officially’ reach our shores). The images below were released on LG’s German Facebook page.

LG X Series Xmen-01

LG X Series Xmen-02

LG X Series Xmen-03

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