Over the last few days we’ve received dozens of requests regarding an Interstellar screening at IMAX Cape Gate. “Will they be playing Interstellar at IMAX?” “Imagine Interstellar at IMAX?” “How awesome would it be to see Interstellar at the IMAX?” “Can’t believe we missed Interstellar at IMAX!” Well the short answer is no… but, it could happen.


Doug Place, Marketing Executive of Ster-Kinekor Theatres explained, “It has already screened and the schedule (as per below) is really full going forward. If there is sufficient consumer interest we can do one or two additional screenings. We brought “Gravity” back last year in IMAX (it had opened before IMAX was opened) because of the renewed interest in the film on account of the multiple award nominations for the film.”

The scheduled releases at Cape Gate IMAX:
· THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES (3D featuring HFR) (pre-release screenings 11 December, releases 12 December 2014)
· SEVENTH SON (3D): 9 January 2015
· TAKEN 3: 16 January 2015
· FURY: 30 January 2015
· JUPITER ASCENDING (3D): 6 February 2015
· KINGSMEN: SECRET SERVICE: 13 February 2015

I’m almost certain there is enough of us out there to make this happen. So we need your help to convince Ster-Kinekor to screen one of the most epic IMAX movies locally, so we can catch up to the rest of the world and experience INTERSTELLAR the way it was meant to be experienced – at IMAX.


For those who don’t know, Christopher Nolan hired cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema and shot the film on anamorphic 35 mm and IMAX 70 mm photography. IMAX cameras were used for Interstellar more than for any of Nolan’s previous films. To minimize the use of computer-generated imagery, the director had practical locations built, such as the interior of a space shuttle. Van Hoytema retooled an IMAX camera to be handheld for shooting interior scenes. Some of the film’s sequences were shot with an IMAX camera installed in the nosecone of a Learjet.

This makes Interstellar, probably, the perfect demo for IMAX’s abilities.

So what do you need to do? Simply tell us below, firstly whether or not you would like to see it at CAPE GATE IMAX and why. Hopefully we can move mountains and convince the kind folks at Ster-Kinekor to give us lowly Capetonians a chance to see one of the year’s biggest blockbusters in IMAX.

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  1. Carolyn Blackwood

    This should be a no-brainer! Ster-kinekor has to give us the chance to see this at IMAX Cape Town. I couldn’t imagine a better Christmas present.

  2. I haven’t seen this film yet, but all my mates say its one of the best movies ever… IMAX would defiantly get my lazy ass out the house to go see it!!! Pretty please Ster-Kinekor :)

  3. Vic

    It is a must that Ster Kinekor screen Interstellar in IMAX. Cape Townians deserve to see this film, which was specifically shot for the medium in this format. Ster Kinekor will get major brand points if they reward loyal patrons in this manner and they will win over new IMAX fans in the process.

  4. Yeah, totally. It was meant to be viewed on Imax – in fact I was a little disappointed when I heard all the Hobbit promo tie-in with the Imax opening and nothing about Interstellar.

    Where’s the petition??

  5. zakiya mayet

    Myself and my sister would definitely book for the special screening of interstellar at imax cape gate. Please please bring it back

  6. Craig Wentzek

    After watching Interstellar in 2D this week. I am in full agreement that this movie needs to be at IMAX especially after the hobbit. Please Ster Kinekor make it happen at Cape Gate

  7. davidmeldrum

    Yep, I’d see it in IMAX. By all accounts it’s a film made to be seen in IMAX – will really do justice to the beauty and scale of the film. It will also be a great way to market the new IMAX screen!

  8. This film was made for IMAX. Christopher Nolan filmed it specifically for IMAX. There hasn’t been a film that needs to be on IMAX more than this and there won’t be one for the foreseeable future. It’s a great film in any case, ticket sales won’t be a problem once the public knows that an IMAX view is happening.

  9. Bev Meldrum

    I would defintely watch Interstellar again on IMAX at Cape Gate. It’s the film IMAX was made for. It would be incredible. Can’t wait to see everything else there too!

  10. Quinton

    Let’s see Interstellar as it was meant to be seen! Come on Ster Kinekot! Cape Town has waited long enough and missed enough Batman films! Make this happen!

  11. Dominique

    Before stumbling onto this petition, I have sent Ster Kinekor an email about the screening of Interstellar as well as bringing back their famous documentaries, I have also tweeted but no luck :( hoping this petition does the trick!

  12. Zach

    I want to see Interstellar in IMAX! Still haven’t seen it in the theater and think this will be the best way to experience the movie fully!

  13. YOH! I just came back from watching “The Hobbit” in glorious 3D with HFR (sh1t looked REAL yo!) and the second thing I said after the credits started rolling, after initially shouting out “KWAAI MOVIE!”, was, “Imagine watching Interstellar here!”

    So yeah, count me in on this petition vibes! IMAX ROCKS!

  14. Parker

    Seriously, it’s in Ster Kinekor’s best interest to play Interstellar as well. I’m not really impressed with their schedule, besides maybe Jupiter Ascending nothing really demands to be seen in IMAX. A lot of people will have had their first impressions of IMAX by now with The Hobbit, so they’ll need something special to drive them back to the theatre.

  15. Brendan

    I was also really hoping Interstellar was going to show at Imax. I watched the show on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and he recommended to everyone it is the only way to watch Interstellar. Apparently the shots and deafening silence is amplified in Imax, so I would be 100% keen to watch it there !

  16. Andrew Hobbs

    I love these kinds of movies and i never got a chance to watch it so if i got to watch it in imax that would more than compensate. Also you will probably make your money back with the amount of people who want to see it in imax

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