Lego's BrickHeadz

A brand new LEGO collectible line is coming and it looks adorable. Available in 2017, LEGO’s BrickHeadz superheroes are LEGO’s answer to Kubros.

LEGO has announced the BrickHeadz range on its Facebook page. Previewing at Comic-Con International, these blocky, buildable versions of the biggest superhero characters in movies and comics (including Captain America, Iron Man, Superman, Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Batman and The Joker) are a must-have.

For the moment, these are convention-exclusive, available at the LEGO booth for $40 each. Different sets will be available on different days. Batman and The Joker will be offered on Thursday, July 21; Doctor Strange and The Black Panther on Friday, July 22; Superman and Wonder Woman on Saturday, July 23; and Captain America and Iron Man on Sunday, July 24.

BrickHeadz Superheroes

LEGO BrickHeadz

BrickHeadz Buildable Superheroes

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