Tomb Raider

Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for the new Tomb Raider starring Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander. And it’s already better than the previous incarnation!

Despite the bad Photoshop job done on the film’s poster, the first trailer for Tomb Raider, which is based the long-running video game series, more specifically the 2013 and 2015 games, Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider, actually looks really good. Of course, the origin story comes 15 years after Angelina Jolie’s last Tomb Raider movie, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, was released and ups the ante in action and suspense. The trailer certainly has its fair share of adventure and closely mimics the excitement from the video game, and perhaps a few Indiana Jones films too.

The fate of humanity rests in her hands. Lara Croft, the fiercely independent daughter of a missing adventurer, must push herself beyond her limits when she finds herself on the island where her father disappeared.

Roar Uthaug directed from a script by Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Alastair Siddons. Alicia Vikander stars alongside Daniel Wu, Dominic West, Walton Goggins and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Tomb Raider is set to hit theatres on March 16, 2018.

Tomb Raider Poster

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  1. Can’t tell much from the trailer but a lot of cut scenes in the game is recreated almost shot for shot. Also, while Alicia is a fantastic actress, I feel she is miscast as Lara. Would’ve preferred Camilla Ludington, who does Lara’s mo-cap and voice in the game.

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