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Silwerskerm Filmfees is a yearly collaboration between kykNET and NuMetro to showcase the best in the Afrikaans Film industry at The Table Bay Hotel in Camps Bay. A number of short films enter from all over SA, the top 10 then get a R120 000 budget to make the film and gets a guaranteed slot at the filmfest. The winners receive screen time in NuMetro cinemas nationwide, and now, for the first time, are available to own on one compilation DVD disk. Included amongst the short films are:

Studio: Palama Productions
Producer & written by: Niel van Deventer
Cinematography: Brad Devine
Director: Charlene Brouwer
Editing: Christiaan Scheepers
Cast: Hannes Brummer, Andre Odendaal, Kobus Boshoff, Erik Holm, Christl Weinbeck, Hermann-Ludwig Steinmann, Cobus Visser, John-Henry Opperman, Michelle Botha

While drinking at a bar one late night, 31 year old Bennie du Plessis wishes he made better choices after seeing his ex-girlfirend with her new boyfriend. A stranger offers him a drink, but it is no ordinary drink. He finds himself back in his hometown, year 1987. The towns people think he is an alien and even his father is up in arms about this stranger with weird money, modern clothing, and a thing called a cellphone. His mother thinks he is her father’s ghost (as he is the spitting image of him) and there are lots of confusion and sweet moments with his younger self.

Studio: kykNET
Producer: Jaco Smit, Beer Adriaanse, KykNET, DPK, Testify Films
Written by: Beer Adriaanse
Director: Jaco Smit
Editing: Christiaan Scheepers
Cast: Deon Lotz, Quentin Krog, Mothusi Magano, Albert Maritz, Johan Botha, Leon Kruger, Marko v/d Colff, Joe Vaz, Joanie Combrink en Tinarie Van Wyk Loots.

With their new born baby, Johan and his wife seek out the help of the local neighbourhood watch after an incident involving a brick being through their new house window alarmed their sense of safety. He gets roped into being a member and soon Ayanda jumps on board, bringing some diversity to this group of Afrikaner men. Very comical moments lie ahead as they face a action packed night chasing the perpetrators.

DIE BUURTWAG won best director, script and the Choicers Award.

Producer: Gregory Michael du Tertre
Director & Writer: Claudia de Witt
Cinematographer: Philip van Zyl
Editing: Andrew Gould
Cast: Herman Voster, Corne Swanepoel, Ursula Foster

Elma, an owner of a funeral home, spontaneously decides to get married around lunch time and announces she’ll be on honeymoon for a few days. She leaves Anje in charge, whom is in a flat spin when she finds out that her co-worker JP has been using the hearse as a sober-taxi. Unfortunately, he scratched it and now they need to make money fast, before Elma returns, in order to fix it. They get creative after a customer pays them extra to mourn at the service, as her husband had no friends. So starts the rent-a-mourner service, but it proves to be very amusing as each client has rather odd demands. JP and Anje celebrate their success, getting very intimate and end up in an awkward position when Elma returns earlier than anticipated, discovering them in a coffin.

DRUKKERSBLOED (Crime Thriller)
Producer & Written by: Jennis Williamson, JC Snooke
Director: Kabous Meiring
Cinematographer: Adam Bentel
Editing: Cremer van Dango
Cast: JC Snooke, Illise Roos, Karin van der Laag, Leandie du Randt, Lee Scott, Gustav Gerdener, Eloise Cupido

One of the top 6 screened at NuMetro, with an original score, featuring vocals by Debré Rossouw from Faith Regained.

DRUKKERSBLOED comments on rather touchy topics within the Afrikaans music industry. A lot of uproar is stirred when a journalist, knowing well that the story he was working on would reveal a mass scandal, is murdered. As the investigation progresses, true character is revealed as people start turning on one another to divert the blame.

Producer: Johan Cronje
Director & Writer: Adam Heyns
Cinematographer: Eduan Kitching
Editing: Andrew Gould
Cast: Corne Koegelenberg, Retief van der Liefde, Lilani Prinsen

Like My Profile is a very intriguing portrayal of the fine line between the real and virtual world. Niel is a hipster, who gets around on a bicycle, still uses a Nokia 3310, with no Facebook, and no Twitter account. He really likes a girl, Maia, but doesn’t muster up the courage to ask her number. He befriends a drunk named Johnny, who helps Niel spray-paint a Facebook invite all over the town hoping that Maia responds. Niel blacks out now and then, loosing track of time and reality. Suddenly he is a overnight internet celebrity, people everywhere know who he is, but he has no recollection of ever meeting them. What and who is real?

Like My Profile got a special mention at the festival. It is very well done.

Producer: Etienne Daniels
Directed & Written by Marike Bekker Editing: Marionne Fourie
Composer: Sam Jensen
Cast: Loukmaan Adams, Kim Cloete, Jill Middelkop, Reghart Van Der Bergh

The plot of Littekens is based on the Apartheid history of Cape Town and the segregation between White and Coloured people. Portrayed by the Davids family, a rather wealthy household living in District Six, young Dorothy is taught at an early age that it is important to preserve certain cultural traditions, and she aims to share the Malay way of cooking with the White folk. She becomes a successful cookbook author, but the film depicts her life during the 50’s. The title, which means “scars”, is not only has literal reference to a failed cooking demonstration but to the scars of South Africa’s past.

NANTES (Drama)
Prodeuced: Jaco Loubser
Directed &Written: Rene van Rooyen Cinematographer: Zenn van Zyl
Editing: Simon Beesley
Cast:Carolyn Forword, Wilhelm Van Der Walt, Hannes Van Wyk, Reghardt Van Der Bergh, Wilna Snyman, Louis Van Niekerk

Won Best Film Short Film, it is beautifully filmed, and attention to detail regarding costume and set.

After the heartbroken Danielle’s engagement ends she moves back home to her fathers vineyard home. On a stroll out one evening stopping, struggling to see beyond the sorrow, she starts to fill her coat with rocks. Suddenly she sees a lantern in the distance and follows it to find herself in front of an old farmhouse called Nantes. She is invited for dinner by Johan and is introduced to the De Villiers, who announce that this will be their last night at Nantes. Danielle doesn’t seem to question much, but becomes enchanted by this family. However, she can’t shake the feeling that she has met Johan before. Perhaps in a previous life he answers her. A previous life is a lingering thought. At sunrise Johan asks Danielle to please give her father a letter containing the secrets of Nantes. Little does she know the secret that lingers over her own head.

Producer: Sally Campher
Director: Jano Esterhuizen
Writer: Benjamin Esterhuizen
Cinematographer: Dirk Mostert
Editor: PB Esterhuizen
Cast: Izak Davel, Reine Malan, Ben Kruger, Rina Nienaber, Marcel van Heerden, Wim Beukes, Andre Lotter

Piet Pieterson is paid a large sum to impersonate Belgium Prince Boerenhol, in South Africa, while the Belgium secret service try and find a organisation called AAA, that threaten the Prince’s safety. An undercover agent, Annie Brand has to pretend to be his girlfriend, but soon learns there’s more to the double than initially thought. Piet has a plan of his own.

STUT (Drama)
Producer: Louise Malan, Rachel van der Westhuizen , Arthur Twigge
Studio: Baberman Productions
Directers: Adriaan de la Rey, Armand Fourie
Written by: Armand Fourie en Adriaan de la Rey
Cinematographer: Werner Olivier
Editors: Adriaan de la Rey, Werner Olivier en Wihann Strauss
Cast: Richard van der Westhuizen, Kees Lensing, Jessica Lee Heath, Neels Clasen, Tiaan Rautenbach

A former Freestate rugbyprop has since outlived his almost-glory days, struggling with violent outbursts due to the frustration of his disappointing life. His wife has had about all she can put up with and tells him it’s over, naturally this drives him over the edge.

UIT DIE KASKENADES (Romantic Comedy)
Producer: Nadia Beukes in association with FADCreationS
Director: Marno van der Merwe
Written by: Ferdinand Gernandt, Marno van der Merwe
Cinematographer: Paul Kruger
Editing: Andries de Jager (Bladeworks Post Production Facilities)
Original Score by: Marno van der Merwe, Marlee van der Merwe & Heidi Edeling
Cast: Marisa Drummond, Ferdinand Gernandt, Terence Bridgett, John Scholtz, Marlee Van Der Merwe

At a typical South African braai social, a rather ‘busybody’ blonde interrupts the ladies conversation to gossip about the amount of gay men at the social, pointing at Rina’s husband, Theunis. Suddenly Rina looks at all the signs that seem to be so obvious and starts to question whether or not it could be true. She conducts little tests, all of which Theunis fails, and she is devastated when she finds a strange man draped with a boa in their bedroom. Meanwhile, Theunis has been keeping a secret from his wife.

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