GOD OF WAR Funko Competition

If you’ve played the new God of War game, you’ll know that Kratos has become a dad. While he certainly isn’t the conventional father, the Ghost of Sparta has managed to show his softer side with his love for Atreus. Just don’t expect any dad jokes.

With that said, a Kratos Funko pop (and a Solo backpack) would make the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Here is your chance to win one of three cool prizes sponsored by Gammatek.

God of War Kratos Funko Pop!

Kratos Funko POP Father's Day Comp

Based on God of War‘s Kratos, this stylised Funko pop vinyl features our hero with his new weapon, a Leviathan axe. The figure stands 3 ¾ inches tall and will look great displayed on your dad’s desk or display cabinet. Valued at R249. Funko is available at Toys r Us, Musica stores and on Takealot.com, Loot.co.za, Shopandship, and Technomobi.

Solo Work to Play Hybrid Laptop Backpack

Created to suit an on-the-go lifestyle, each Solo bag incorporates smart details and hybrid silhouettes that easily transition from work to play. The Solo Work To Play Hybrid Laptop backpack transforms into a briefcase, which means it’s easy to use on-the-go. Valued at R999. The Solo bags are available at Incredible Connection stores and online at Takealot.com, Loot.co.za, Shopandship, Technomobi.

The prizes are as follows:

First Prize – Solo Backpack and a Kratos Funko Pop!

Second Prize – Kratos Funko Pop and a R150 Loot.co.za gift voucher

Third Prize – Kratos Funko Pop

To stand a chance of winning one of these awesome Gammatek sponsored prizes, all you need to do is tell us the size of the Kratos Funko figure (in the comments section below). Please use a working email address.

Competition closes Thursday, 14th June 2018.

The giveaway is restricted to readers who reside in South Africa and have signed up for our newsletter only. Terms and conditions/Site disclaimer rules apply. One entry per person. The winners will be contacted via email. The prize excludes travel, is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

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  1. Patrick Whelan

    The Kratos figure stands 3 ¾ inches tall, but the real Kratos is 7ft tall and kills men by the hundreds!

  2. Veru Kowlassur

    The figure stands 3 ¾ inches tall whilst the mighty God Of War stands 7ft tall. All enemies fall at the feet of the mighty God Of War from mere men, to giants and even the gods of Olympus. Not even the Norse Pantheon of gods including Thor and Odin.

  3. Elmarie Duvenage

    The Kratos figure stands 3 ¾ inches tall, but the real Kratos is 7ft tall and kills men by the hundreds!

  4. Gervonica

    3 ¾ inches tall (he’s still a god even in this size)
    “The Truth. I am a god, boy, from another land, far from here.” – Kratos

  5. Judith Joubert

    The Kratos funko pop is a great 3 ¾ (3.75) inches tall, and in our country, who uses t0.09525he amazing metric system, that would be 9.525 centimeters, which is 95.25 millimeters, which is also 0.09525 meters. How tall is he in kilometers, you ask? 9.525e-5 is the answer. How much micrometers is that!? 95250!! See, now he sounds HUGE, like he is in real life.

    It’s safe to say I really want this.

    Also, the funko pop is 9.525e+7 nanometres. Yes, Fort, I am trying my best. I love Kratos and plan on marrying him (as soon as my husband agrees). In the meantime, a funko pop of 3.75 inches to cuddle would be great.

    That sounds disturbing.

    Oh, and if you’re looking for the real Kratos’ length, it’s actually 96 inches, which is 8 foot (2.4384 metres), according to a God of War III special feature. Yes. He is tall as hell.

  6. Ingrid Bure

    The Kratos Funk Pop is 3 ¾ inches tall. My dad might not be in my life right now…but I personally love God of War and am a big Funko Fanatic. If anything, my mom should have the prize:D. She is awesome

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