Knight Rider Fan Builds His Own KITT

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Chris Palmer, a big fan of the 1990′s David Hasselhoff TV series, Knight Rider, built his own replica version of the famous 1991 Pontiac Trans Am (the original KITT was an ’82) from the series. He spent three years transforming his car into KITT, with all it’s bells and whistles. Unfortunately, Chris’s KITT doesn’t talk but perhaps that’s in the works too.

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  1. LinuxMage

    This videos really hits close to home. I drive a Third Generation F Body Firebird which looks very similar(externally–I have the stock dashboard) to this conversion. I am very familiar with Trans AM GTA which had the ultimate, in my opinion, of the “Swoopy” Third Generation Firebird Bodies…so while I understand that this guy was building.built an exact replica of KITT—the GTA Styling was equally Futuristic and in reality updated body style. It would have been interesting to see a GTA Knight Rider. I wish my car’s paint job was glossy too. Still at the end of the day–this Fan replicated Knight Rider rocks. I wonder if it is easier for Fans of the Mustang Knight Rider to recreate that model?

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