New Kid-Friendly Fantastic Four Movie On The Horizon?

In the world of superhero movie franchises, the Fantastic Four is like the kid at school who no one wants to play with. For years Fox has been struggling to do the franchise and its characters justice. Now they’re hoping a kid friendlier film will do the trick.

New Kid-Friendly Fantastic Four Movie On The Horizon?

After the critically and commercially panned 2015 Fant4stic Four film, one would’ve expected 20th Century Fox to give the ailing franchise a bit of a break. Unfortunately, if recent rumours are to be believed, there could just be another Fantastic Four film on the horizon.

According to a ‘reliable source’ close to Bleeding Cool, Fox is once again considering rebooting the franchise. So where do you go after the somewhat campy 2005 movie and the dark and gritty 2015 reboot? Well, if the recent reports prove true, it seems that the studio is considering focusing on a much younger demographic.

Fox have also reportedly roped in Seth Grahame-Smith (Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, LEGO Batman, and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter) to pen the script. The Thing and Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) will play more supporting parts, according to Bleeding Cool, with the script focusing more on Sue and Reed’s children, Franklin and Valeria. This does make sense as having a younger cast might make the characters more relatable to the new target audience.

Many see the reboot as just another way for Fox to retain control of the Marvel character rights. As long as they keep producing films based on the license, they retain control.

With Marvel, effectively killing off the Fantastic Four, by cancelling the comics and related merchandise, things couldn’t get any worse for the franchise that was once such a beloved one. Let’s hope that by some miracle Fox Studios is able to pull this off.

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  1. Kid friendly? Really? Who came up that idea? I mean im ok with Fox keeping FF if they pour in effort to actually make a good movie. Its clear that they have no confidence in FF franchise but making movies just so they can keep the rights. I mean if you’re making x-men in space then why cant you do the same for FF?

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