Kevin Smith Doesn't Want To Direct The Batman Either

Kevin Smith Doesn’t Want To Direct The Batman Either

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You have to give Kevin Smith credit for knowing his limits. When asked if he would consider directing Affleck’s The Batman, he replied, “I’m flattered. But 3 things make me directing Batman impossible: 1) Haven’t spoken to Ben in years. 2) I made @YogaHosers, 3) Common sense.”

As the host of the popular podcast, the Fatman on Batman, The Clerks director is possibly the obvious choice for some fans, knowing his friendship with Affleck too. It certainly would at least qualify him to be mentioned at least once by the DC suits. That said, his talents are probably best left for the small screen.

Following the news that Ben Affleck won’t be directing the DCEU’s Batman solo movie, the press has begun speculating about who could take Affleck’s place. We’ve thrown our hat in the ring too.

Some of the names being thrown around are George Miller (was actually rumored to be directing a DCEU movie), Gavin O’Connor and Denis Villeneuve.

Ben Affleck will next bee seen in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, out November 17, 2017.

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