Kevin Conroy Says Ben Affleck Is The Best Batman So Far

Kevin Conroy Says Ben Affleck Is The Best Batman So Far

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Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy was recently asked to comment on the live-action interpretation of the Dark Knight. His answer might surprise true Bat-Fans. It seems Conroy likes Ben Affleck’s Batman the most.

These days it is hard to even read a Batman comic, meme or book and not hear Kevin Conroy’s as Batman. His deep and gritty voice has become synonymous with the iconic character. If anyone has an understanding for Batman it’s the man who has voiced the character for over 30 years.

While promoting his latest Dark Knight-voiced movie, Batman and Harley Quinn, CBR sat Conroy down for a few questions regarding the different versions of the character. While he thinks that the live-action actors all did a good job, he thinks Ben Affleck nailed both Batman and Bruce Wayne the best.

“Yeah, I see them,” Conroy said of the Batman movies. “You know, I thought it was weird when Warner Bros. didn’t give the franchise to one actor when they first started doing the films. You just assumed they were going to cast a Batman and he was going to carry the whole franchise. But then when I saw the different ones — Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer, [George Clooney], and Christian Bale — all the different takes, this was really smart, because each actor does it so differently. And I love seeing all the different takes. I think some of them get Bruce Wayne more than they get Batman, and some of them get Batman more than they get Bruce Wayne. I think Ben Affleck has probably gotten the best balance of the two. He’s a really good Bruce Wayne and a really good Batman.”

Batman and Harley Quinn Kevin Conroy

The topic of discussion then shifted to his preference of The Joker.

“It’s like when Mark Hamill did the Joker,” he explained. “I thought, ‘Oh, my God! This guy is crazy, and brilliant. I just fell in love with him because he’s the best. And then, I saw Heath Ledger’s Joker, and my God, it was a whole other kind of crazy. It wasn’t better than Mark’s. But he was just another kind of crazy that was great. And then Troy Baker has been doing one that’s great. So I really mean it when I say I like to see different actors do the same role. It’s just fun. And I don’t think you can really judge on being better than the other. They’re different!”

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  1. Tristan Atanacio

    well, base on Batfleck’s fighting skills, neck movement, weapons, dead Robin, and murders. I think he’s currently the best

  2. Dan Leamons

    I love Ben Affleck, but imho he was the absolute worst batman ever, even considering that my opinion is a bit skewed by the positively awful movie, made bearable only by Gal Gadot.

  3. Bryon Hutcheson

    Christian Bale was the best and the sexiest Batman… ever. He could capture me and tie me up any time lol

  4. Riaan Louw

    For everyone who insists that Nolan and Bale was the best, please, I don’t argue that those were good movies, but come on, they were the worst Batman adaptations ever. So lets us start by saying that I don’t want to see some guys realistic and plausible version of a comic book hero, I want to see my comic book character hero to just be that. Also, Bale was a sad moping rich boy with a tech developer who didn’t design or create any of his arsenal of gadgets himself, where is the display of his intelligence, oh wait in 3 movies representations he fixed the auto pilot. Not to mention he looked like a motorcross dude with a bat helmet. Then also basically no detective skills besides “where is Rachael” (admittedly i did the voice), and then let us not mention that he was pathetic, giving up, when ever does Batmam give up??? Seriously, Batman to me has always been my favorite superhero because of his intelligence, his strategic master mind, his ninja samurai skills, his dedication to his cause, his skills in engineering, desing and developing his own tech, because he is the night, vengeance, I never got that feel from Bale, just that he was sad rich kid with cool toys and a score to settle, this is not Batman. Okay, now you guys can rip me apart…1…2…3…go!

    • Bryan King

      People like Bale because of Heath. That’s the truth. Me on the other hand couldn’t stand Bale and Heath. Both actors ruined two of the most iconic comic book characters ever. Thanks Nolan.

  5. Christopher J. Herrick

    Well, one thing is for sure…you can’t satisfy everyone, and the next guy will always be compared to the last one…maybe that’s two things for sure.

  6. Jae Nes Rhymes

    This is a cop out answer Kevin had to give due to the heat he received from the studio for his comment he made criticizing Ben’s batman last year

    • Hunter Musgrave

      I could literally tell how in a long list how Affleck is the most accurate live action Batman ever put on screen

    • Robert E-Deep

      The argument of BvS and Ben Affleck’s batman being comic accurate is irrelevant. The movie itself, Ben’s constipation faced acting, poor casting, crammed, poorly edited, lousy plot film is the biggest Batman film disappointment in the last 30 years. Ben Affleck is a God awful actor and should be far away from any superhero roles in films. Thankfully it sounds like DC has got the message and is trying to replace him as we speak

    • Hunter Musgrave

      that’s literally how Batman would be if he existed in real, and yes accuracy to the comics is relevant when talking about an adaptation of a comic character

    • Hunter Musgrave

      um yes especially from the material being pulled from to create Affleck’ s Batman. would you like an in depth list or actually read one of the best Batman stories ever told before Frank Miller went off the deep end?

    • Robert E-Deep

      Hunter, I get what you’re saying man. I’ll agree that the cues directly from Frank Miller’s dark knight were most purely represented in BvS, great warehouse fight scene as well. But that’s about all that I could say was good about it. Superman and batman facing off on the silver screen should have been the greatest superhero film ever, and it really really wasn’t

    • Eric Coates

      Hunter Musgrave, want me to shed some reality. That not everyone is going to agree with you? Time Frank Miller’s ” The Dark Knight Returns” isn’t the “best” Batman ever told. STOP busting a bloodvein, because others don’t agree with you. “K”.😉

    • Hunter Musgrave

      so the movie wasn’t what it should have been, but how exactly does that take away from Aflleck in the film. not the entire film just his performance which really did capture Batman. now Eric Coates is that why it’s constantly talked about as being one of the best stories ever told along with The Long Halloween, Hush, The Killing Joke, Death in the family, and Knightfall just to name a few?

    • Eric Coates

      Come out of ur shell kid. Read more Batman comics. In conclusion, it’s your world. Yours only. No more to say. Close the curtains. Have a wonderful night.👍

    • Hunter Musgrave

      yeah sure that’s why Batman fans for the most part love it, and put it up with those stories. all-star Batman and Robin is a whole nother issue and why I’m not a huge fan of Frank Miller

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