Kendall Jenner Faces More Backlash After adidas Ad Airs

It seems the Kardashians and Jenners are never too far away from controversy, almost a regular weekly occurrence now. The latest comes from Kendall Jenner, the new ambassador recruit for adidas Originals, after they aired their new advert.

After the backlash a few months ago, when Kendall featured in a socially inappropriate ad for Pepsi, one would have thought that she had learned her lesson or at least be a bit wiser when it comes to how she’s portrayed in ads. But, alas, as we’ve seen time and time again, the Kardashians and Jenners love contention.

The backlash stems from adidas’ choice to include Kendall as part of their “Originals” campaign, which features high-profile athletes.

In the ad, Kendall Jenner is seen lying in a casket wearing a cropped top, a thong and white adidas trainers. While looking at the camera, she utters the words: “I did what I had to do. I faced it all, and I stood tall. I did it my way.”

Of course, people took to Twitter to air their complaints and disappointments with adidas and Kendall over the casting choice:

“This so called ‘pretty model’ doesn’t make me wanna buy anything. Soon adidas will be the new Victoria’s Secret.”

“Yall are idiots adidas. Jenners have more negatives with their name than positive. I aint buying ur brand until u drop her.”

“Adidas but seriously you had to get Kendall? There are so many other ATHLETES you could have chosen. Disappointed and not buying anything.”

“I won’t be buying Adidas ever again. I have been buying Adidas for over 20 years. Over this brand. Such a unoriginal campaign. Boring. Not original. Ironic.”

“The most unoriginal b***h in entire modeling world represents adidas originals.”

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