Kalypso Media has announced that they have acquired the rights to the real-time stealth-tactics series Commandos.


The first Commandos game in the series,  Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, released 20 years ago back in 1998. These games tasked players with using a group of six characters, each with a specific skill set to sabotage, assassinate and cause all around havoc. Most of the missions required players to use stealth and careful palling in order to avoid enemies and complete their missions successfully.

I still have fond memories of playing the Commandos games. Sneaking around, planning each move and, finally, quickly and silently (well mostly silently) taking out your foes was an exhilarating experience.

Kalypso secured all the rights to the Commandos series and is excited to update the much-loved series and bring it to all platforms.

“We’re incredibly excited about the opportunities,” it said in its acquisition announcement, “And will begin speaking to potential development studios in the near future.”

I have mixed feelings about the acquisition, I’m glad to hear that the series will be making a return, but I’m also worried that by updating the game (and it’s mechanics) the series might lose what made it so special to start with. I truly hope that Kalypso treats the series with the respect it deserves and that we get a great brand new Commandos game in the near future.

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